Getting to know my website

Welcome to my Journal!

Life is a journey your only passing through ~UNKNOWN


My name is Letitia Macdonald and I’m going to be taking you on a wonderful Journey with me. Stay tuned to my website because this is going to be an autobiography and hopefully I make it very relatable and get ideas for what areas in my life to write about from you readers and talk about real instances and advices but more it is basically going to be about life with CHRIST JESUS. And if you don’t know who JESUS CHRIST is I would be glad if I received a message from you and i will talk to you about God.

I am also going to be talking to you about some Scriptures from the Bible and explain it to you of My knowledge and understanding of things. I am also going to talk about the wonderful and beauty it is to be a Christain and to know God. I would love to share my experiences with you on life and being a Christain.